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Mijin System, the company
specialized in industrial tools,
is renewed with the best products
of the optimal performance and
perfect quality.

All employees of Mijin System, since the establishment of the company in 1976, have been making the greatest effort to satisfy customers through localization and support government policy in securing national competitiveness.
We have been concentrating all our strength to continue to reinforce the competence of the company through a technical collaboration with advanced makers overseas in order to raise the level of the product development in tool industry in Korea and to secure perfect quality and established and have been operating a joint-venture company with Nitto Kohki (Japan) for around 14 years since 2001 and therefore could construct a perfect, uniform manufacturing and quality-management system from design to processing and manufacture.

Accordingly, we have been recognized by distinguished customers in Japan, U.S.A., and Europe for the excellence of our products and thus could achieve an outstanding result of ensuring major customers in over 20 countries for pneumatic tools and spring balancers.
Furthermore, all products which is being manufactured by Mijin System have perfect performance and great quality and also are only made with eco-friendly materials and components which meet ISO 14001 environmental standard perfectly in order to fulfill its responsibilities as a social company for protecting the environment.
Mijin System is now planning to go one step closer to customers by supplying customized products with all customers' requirements reflected on the basis of accumulated manufacturing and quality techniques henceforward.
All employees at Mijin System will do their utmost efforts to enhance the performance and quality of products until customers all over the world are satisfied and will continue to make endeavor to supply the best quality products which can even contribute to national industries through the diversified development of new products, concentrating all resources and competences of the company.
We sincerely hope we can have a valuable opportunity to create a new future in cooperation with various customers and also wish customers' success and development.

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